4 Features Attendees Enjoy through a Cross Platform Event App

Organising an event has its share of challenges. This is the reason why event planners are utilising event technologies to make the different stages of the event life-cycle easier to bear. One of the few solutions that an event organiser can present to his attendees is the cross platform event app. This event app from Eventscase is a mobile solution that aims to augment the attendee experience by giving them access to a virtual event platform that’s made specifically for the event.

Here are four features of the said application that attendees may enjoy:

1.) See Updated Event Agenda

An event app allows attendees to see an updated event agenda. There is no more need for paper printouts since all information can be seen from any mobile device. This is not only convenient for event attendees, it is beneficial to the environment as well since it is common to see printed agendas being thrown to the bin after an event. Explore several event booking software to make easier the booking process in these websites.

2.) Know Speakers and Leave Feedback

A cross platform event app also allows attendees to know who the speakers are even before the event has started. This may spark up their interest and lead them to share speaker information to people in their networks. Furthermore, as the speakers are finished with their talks, attendees can leave feedback for them through the app.

3.) Use Social Media Features

Since social media is all the buzz today, a cross platform event app may be integrated with different event platform sites. For example, there may be a dedicated tab for tweets that contain a specific hashtag pertaining to the event. This allows attendees to know what others are thinking of the event. This may also prod them to generate their own social media posts.

4.) Network with Other Attendees

Last but not the least, a cross platform event app can be used for attendee networking. The app may have specific matchmaking functions that will allow attendees to set meetings with one another. Furthermore, the app may have a messaging feature that will allow them to send messages to people whom they wish to interact with during the day of the event.

Those are only some of the features that may be enjoyed by attendees when using a cross platform event app. If you are an event organiser looking into improving the experience of your attendees, it may be worth a shot to invest in these types of event promotion apps. There are various providers you may find online, so you will have to do your research well.

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