Benefits of Using a Mobile Event App

Benefits of Using a Mobile Event App 1

A mobile conference app can be used offline: Most providers of the mobile conference app optimise the app on the cloud. This means that it is syncs to your database and updates itself automatically. However, it is also important that the app itself can continue to offer some functions sans internet. Unlike an event website that can only be accessed through the web, a mobile event app will let your attendees navigate the app even when they are not online.

They may continue to enjoy access to the program agenda, list of speakers, roster of sponsors, media materials like videos embedded on the app, and even the attendee list. Explore conference management software with an integrated app here.

An event mobile app allows attendee input

With an event mobile app, gone are the days when events are one-way communication traps. Today, the input of your attendees is important to objectively measure the success of your event. Through an event attendance software, they may choose to favourite and leave comments for speakers, view related social media posts, and fill out surveys after the event.

An event app delivers push notifications through a mobile event calendar

Your attendees can now be reminded of event schedules through push notifications coming from the mobile event calendar. The app can automatically remind attendees to automatically come to sessions that they have signed up for. This is particularly helpful if you are organising a big event that runs for days in different venues. If your attendees have to attend a specific talk or session, for example, the mobile event app will remind them of the time and room.

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